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Apr 27, 2021

Join Yvonne Brandenburg, RVT, VTS SAIM and Jordan Porter RVT, LVT, VTS SAIM as we talk about:

  • Seeking support for your mental health. We talk with the one and only, amazing, Liz Hughston MEd, RVT, CVT, VTS (SAIM, ECC)!!!! Not only is she a fabulous veterinary technician (I mean, look at all those initials), she is very insightful when it comes to the mental crisis within veterinary medicine, and how we can help. We discuss places we can seek help as well as what we can do to help others. 
  • First: We are not mental health professionals. We recommend you seek the advice of your mental health professional or other qualified provider with any questions regarding your mental health. 
  • We understand this may be a very sensitive subject, some of these conversations may be triggers for certain people. 
  • If you are feeling suicidal, thinking of harming yourself, or are concerned that someone you know may be in danger of hurting himself or herself, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) or visit your local emergency room. 
  • Text: HOME to 741741 in US and Canada or 85258 in UK, 50808 Ireland
  • The information in this podcast episode is intended to help listeners learn about mental health and suicide prevention. It is for information purposes only. This episode should NOT be used as a substitute for medical advice, counseling, or other health-related services.


Question of the Week

  • When is a time that you struggled, and what did you do to pull yourself out of that struggle? 

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Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode! 

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– Yvonne and Jordan