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Apr 2, 2024

195 Getting Nerdy about Scientific Literature with Christine Weaver, LVT, VTS (IM-Neurology)

Welcome back! Thanks for listening and making a commitment to learning. Hope you’re well. 


We are your hosts; Yvonne Brandenburg


Our Guest this Week: 


Christine Weaver, BS, LVT, VTS (IM-Neurology)

Christine has been a member of the veterinary medical community for 20 years. Starting in primary care medicine in 2002, she swiftly moved to specialty medicine in the realm of veterinary neurology in 2008, and in 2012 gained her VTS in Neurology where she worked clinically and in training and education. In 2022, Christine completed her Bachelor’s in Biobehavioral Health. She currently works as the Learning & Development Trailblazer for Partner Veterinary Emergency & Specialty. 






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