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Oct 22, 2019

002 Episode: Getting Medications into Pets

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In This Episode…


Things you will learn

  • How to get medications into pets
    • What to look for when offering tips; prescription diets, food aversion, etc. 
  • Client education
    • Offer demos (Tech utilization is important)
    • Videos
    • Handouts
  • Study medications
    • Confirm dosing medications (Before/after/with food) 
      • Sucralfate, Denamarin, etc. 
    • Is labwork being run? Which medications have been given, and what time?
      • Check with lab on when blood samples should be obtained if monitoring therapeutic levels
    • Discuss medication side effects with clients
    • Should that medication be split?
    • Use Plumb’s to learn more about medications you are dispensing
  • Follow medications with food or water to reduce the risk of esophagitis or esophageal stricture
  • Where to get medications
    • Compounding
    • Local
    • Vet office
    • Online
  • Medication waste
    • State regulation guidelines should be reviewed. 


Tip of the week

  • Butter to help meds pass in cats: A study done by Auburn University
  • Pet Piller- inform clients
  • Coupons for clients through



  • Esophageal strictures
    • What drugs can cause this
  • Aspiration pneumonia
  • Food aversion
    • Inform clients drugs should not be added to pet’s food
  • Bites
    • If injections can use e-collar, muzzle, large blankets, or distraction techniques
  • Pokes
    • Remember to teach clients how to safely cap needles and get rid of sharps properly.


Question of the week



Resources We Mentioned in the Show


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